Homeowners face several choices when installing hardwood floors. Besides choosing exotic hardwood or domestic wood products, they also ought to think about color and profile. But one important factor often overlooked and impacts the appearance, longevity, maintenance, and safety of your wood flooring. Will you put in matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss hardwood floors? It’s time to take a closer look.

What’s Sheen?

In very simple terms, sheen signifies the amount of reflection produced by a finish. High gloss provides higher levels of reflection, and therefore more sheen, whereas matte creates almost no manifestation, and is deemed to have the lowest degree of sheen.

Higher Gloss
The more sheen in your hardwood flooring finish, the greater level of detail and drama exhibited. For dining rooms, sunrooms, libraries, bedrooms and studies, a large gloss wood floor finish defines the timber grain and gives darker stains more pizzazz. It delivers an elegant finish that appeals to a certain decor. Remember that a high gloss finish also wears easily, therefore picking it to get a high traffic area like the hallway or main living area could be wise. This sort of finish also highlights dust and debris on the ground, possibly rising care requirements. Footprints show up readily on high gloss flooring, although that depends upon the stain color selected. This sheen degree may present a slippery surface, like a basketball court, but countless people buildings across North America rely upon the durability and beautiful appearance of high gloss hardwoods.

Lower Gloss

As we mentioned, shiny might not be the best option for traffic places. Wear marks appear rather quickly and imperfections or scratches in the finish tend to stand out. If you’re trying to find drama and look of the highest sheen degree, yet want to put money into hardwood that will hide imperfections and continue longer, semi-gloss wood flooring work very well. Most popular hardwood manufacturers take lines with a semi-gloss finish, offered in a broad assortment of wood species such as dramatic exotic types and traditional domestics. Request samples of the floors you prefer at a semi-gloss sheen. The sum of shine must be indicated on the product info, often at a percentage, but actual appearances change. This sheen degree is lower gloss and often called lacquer, but will not present a small sheen for this upscale appearance. Depending on where the wood flooring will be located and what type of finished look you are trying for, choosing between lower and higher gloss hardwood flooring is fairly straightforward. Begin by considering the use of your space. For a dramatic appearance, high gloss fits the bill. For busier areas and people who prefer a lower maintenance merchandise, matte finish would be the way to go. Talk with your flooring retailer and ask for samples to make your selection process simpler.

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